Nottingham Analog Omega Point Silver Tonearm

Hi guys 'n gals,

I just bought myself a NA Omega Point Silver tonearm but I cannot find much info on this arm! Here are 2 pictures to give you an idea:


Now I've just read a post by F de Grove that this arm, if it is the same, is suitable for a Decca cartridge. I do have a Denon DL103, but I was actually looking for a an arm for my VDHul MC10 cartridge. I had that one in a Sonus Formula IV but it kept sounding quite lean, so I'm looking further. I was hoping that this NA arm was suitable for this VDHul MC10! Anyone familiar with this arm and/or the VDHul cartridge? I really hope someone can help me cause I'm already wrestling with this for more than a year!!

Thanks in advance!!