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For Sale NOS Schumacher Transformers - Filament and OPT

Things you have for sale.
Some years ago I bought a bunch of unknown transformers at an estate sale. (Cool detail - it was the estate of a physics Nobel laureate!) The transformers had no documentation other than part numbers on the boxes and units themselves. Schumacher has no record of these and web searches come up empty. I measured the voltage ratios as shown in one of the attached photos. There's one filament transformer, two pairs of P-P outputs (four total OPTs, but two different part numbers and voltage ratios), and three different individual P-P outputs, all different from each other. A total of eight units. I'm looking for $100 for the lot plus shipping (15 lbs) from 11542.

I'm not very active here, but I'm JonL on AudioKarma and enginejon2003 on eBay if you'd like to check me out.

More pics on request.
Scan Aug 5, 2023 at 4.51 PM.jpg