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NOS Parts: Carbon Comp (30+ 2 watt values) and Metal Resistors; WW 10 Ohm Pots; 1W Bourns Trimmers; and More!


I am downsizing my apartment, so I'm trying to sell off some parts. Stock your parts bin! I will beat prices at surplus retailers. Due to the hassle of shipping, I don't really want to sell individual components. Please only reach out if you are interested in ordering a decent quantity. This will work best if you're a tech etc. Big discounts for volume purchases.

I am located in the US and willing to ship internationally.

Wirewound 10 Ohm 5 Watt Linear Pots (bulk):

I bought these from the estate of Dick Sequerra and have been selling them for a while. I think they were used in speaker crossovers.

They are flawless and un-corroded on the inside. Every single one I have tested has been good electrically. However, the oil in the shafts is a bit stiff, so they turn best if they are re-lubricated. Also, the terminal plating has corrosion which should be wiped off with contact cleaner. Afterwards they work well and take solder.

Selling in as-is condition. I have two boxes, one of which is full (1,000 potentiometers) and the other of which has about 900 remaining. I also have a couple hundred loose. They come with washers and nuts for mounting. 5 watt wirewound pots cost like $5 a piece now from major distributors; I'm willing to let these go for like $.20 a piece. A great deal if you use these frequently. Would love to sell a whole box.

Carbon Comp Resistors

I have a ton of carbon comp resistors, mostly 2 watt, but also very large quantities of some other values. Please reach out with the value you're interested in and I'll give you a quantity. I have many boxes of high-value resistors (1M ohm plus) and would really like to get rid of these.

All of these resistors are totally NOS, never soldered or used. Some were stored loose and have slightly bent leads. There is no water damage or anything and the paint is in great condition. Some of them do have slight corrosion on the leads as expected given the age. I might have missed some values, so if you're interested in a value I don't have listed, feel free to PM.

2 watt values:

1.2M (very low price)
1.8M (very low price)
2.7M (very low price)
3.3M (very low price)
5.6M (very low price)
6.8M (very low price)
12M (very very low price)
22M (very very low price)

1 watt values :

51 (500+)
2.2M (500+; right angle leads)

1/2 watt values:

4.7K (I have like eight boxes of these; probably 6,000 plus in total. Some have pre-bent leads. Would love to sell some boxes.)

1/4 watt values:

270 (1,000+; good for cathode bias)
390 (good for cathode bias)
1K (good for cathode bias)
2.2K (1,000+)
4.7K (good grid stoppers)
1M (500+; good for grid leak)
10 M (1000+)

I haven't catalogued all my 1/4 watt CC resistors yet, so let me know if you need anything specific and I'll look.

Metal Film/Oxide (have hundreds of each of these):

Some of these are pretty rare and unusual, so if you enjoy parts rolling they could be fun.

3.01K 1/4 W 1% (RNR60C3011FS hermetically sealed mil-spec resistor by MEPCO/Electra. The resistor is hermetically sealed inside an outer glass shell. Extremely cool appearance and super expensive from a real distributor. Datasheet says these are used in missile guidance and other mission critical applications. Makes for a hilarious grid stopper or cathode bias).

5.2K 1/2W (?) 1% (Says EKC on resistor. They have a loose plastic outer shell, no idea why, never seen anything like it. Think 1/2 W based on testing and size but not marked. Very cool appearance. I use them as grid stoppers).

9K 1/2W 1% (RN60D9001F Mil-Spec metal film; have 1000+ on reel tape).

18K 1/4W 1% (RL07S183G; precision metal film resistors in great condition on reel tape).

47K 2W (?) 5%ish (Interesting resistors, military drab green color. Looks like a very early metal film/oxide type. Only marking is "47K" and a dot of orange QC paint. Based on my testing they handle 2W but 1W or less is preferable. They seem to be about 5% but have no tolerance marking. Lead plating looks exotic -- has a slight golden sheen. Each one is packaged individually in a cardboard tube. Great plate loads).

180K 1/2 W 1% (Corning Glass Works N20. There is a datasheet for these online. A high quality, low drift part. Jet black vintage appearance -- they look great).

Bourns Trimmers:

25K 1W 25-turn
(3250P-67-253; I bought these at a military surplus auction and have the demil paperwork. These are high-quality Bourns trimmers in their original tubing. Great for critical applications that require the trimmer to dissipate a bit of heat, such as AC balancing differential plate loads. A somewhat exotic part not available from normal distributors).

Axial Tantalum Capacitors:

180 uF 25V 20%
(NCI HNW 7449; These are expensive axial tantalum capacitors with a grey metal body. They have the same high-quality look as vintage Sprague electrolytics. Great for cathode bypass or decoupling. Tested at rated voltage and guaranteed working).

DPDT Switches:

3A 250V / 6A 125V, panel mount
with solder lugs (Made by UND Lab Inc. A great, chunky vintage DPDT switch. Comes with plated metal inner mounting nut and black anodized outer nut which matches color of switch. Very similar (if not identical) to toggle switches used in vintage test gear like Power Designs. I have a lot of these and would love to sell 10-20 at a time).