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NOS Harris IRFP9240s, Vgs matched quads and pairs [The Europe Group Buy]

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Seeing as the group buy organized by Dennis in Canada was a huge success, I am doing a copycat of it for fellow EU DYIers.

I'll be matching using the famous Locky_Z curve tracer.
Will be mainly Vgs matched, but we'll see if we can curve match

Matching at room temperature by default, but depending on the number, I *might* match at a higher, vaguely controlled, temperature of 50 deg C ;)

We're looking at 6€ per part + Paypal + Shipping (price will be confirmed based on import fee)
Expect to receive the parts by year end
I will leave the group buy open for one week, in fear that the stock from the supplier might disappear too quick. No upper limit, but I will only buy the parts if we reach 100 parts (25 quads)

As always, put your name, type and quantity needed.

Update 01/07/2020, here is the final pricing:

Matched pairs: 11€ Sold Out
Matched Quads: 24€ Sold Out
Matched Sextets: 39€ Sold Out

and the matched Septet is available for 45.50€ if you feel like keeping a spare (Edit : Sold Out)

+Packing and Shipping (within EU, it's your choice of tracked letter for 6.50€ or Express insured "Colissimo" for 13€, outside EU, ask by PM)
+Paypal Fee 5% (or 0€ if you "Send Money to Family or Friend" within the EU)

These are late Harris-Intersil parts and they bear the Intersil “i” logo which is different from Infineon Logo), which means they are post 1999 manufacturing date.

The story is: Harris purchased Intersil in 1988
In 1999 Harris spun off the Semiconductor division, so parts manufactured are produced under the Intersil brand. But of course these are the same parts, same manufacturing process, etc)

Distributor is Rochester Elec.
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3 days to go before I close the GB

We are at 60 parts. I think this is enough to confirm the GB, and I will probably purchase 100 parts to make sure we have enough parts for proper matching.

The rejects will be either sold separately for cheaper GB or distributed among GB members depending on the yield.
any updates

Isn't Is better If two GB - europe and other one co operate

Sorry for being silent, been busy at work.
Also I was contemplating buying IRFP242 from Rochester (probably won't btw), and other parts and couldn't really decide.... ;)

regarding the US GB, I think it was made clear that it would be a limited group buy so I didn't want to bother Dennis with this one. I think the GB has already started on their side so probably too late.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.