NOS DAC with DIR1703 and TDA1541AS2

cartman said:
Hi Guys!

I'd like to build a NOS DAC with TDA1541AS2 and I'd like to use the BB DIR1703 receiver IC, because I saw, this IC is better than CS8412/CS8414. (3x lower litter)

I have'nt any schematics...

Can anyone hels me?


Because exact jitter spec is lacking, I'd be carefull in judging the spec. In addition, the simple interface between 8412 and 1541 would have my preference

If you want true low jitter, a secondary PLL with VCXO is required. Obviously pin 2 ban 4 of the 1541 should be clocked directly from the VCXO.



2003-12-07 11:57 am
Mine is with TDA1541A S1 and reclocker board. The sound is very good, and with a proper transport it comes very close to good analog set-up (turntable). It sounds unprocessed compared with other digital sources and serves me very well as a reference DAC when doing modifications. I got DAC and reclocker boards from Pedja, other parts form suppliers around the World.