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NOS Blore-Edwards 1 Pole 8 Way Mil/High end Rotary Switch

Hi All,

My clearout of surplus quality parts continues..

I have 10pcs of NOS Blore-Edwards [Type 142] 1 Pole 8 Way Mil/High end Rotary Switch. They have non-shorting (Break before make) contact action.

Great for mono / monoblock switching, etc. Made in UK.

At least as rugged as similar Elma's - this is a switch of top, very solid build quality, used for high reliability & military applications etc.

New old stock, perfect condition.
Asking GBP 8.00 each - or take 2 switches for GBP 15.00

Postage/shipping (1 switch) UK GBP 3.50, Europe GBP 4.50, Elsewhere GBP 5.00
[+ per additional switch UK GBP 1, Europe GBP 2, Elsewhere GBP 2.50]

Payment accepted via Paypal.

More info on the Type 142 switch:
Blore Edwards Home

Please register interest here and send me a PM with your request if you'd like one/some.



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Hi Erik
Thanks for your comment, but these are indeed 1 pole, 8 way:
They have only one contacting wiper, a single central common contact disc - and there are 8 positions over the sixteen pins (alternate pins are used/unused). Therefore these are certainly 1 pole, 8 way, BBM.
All the best,
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