North Creek Rhythm manuals sought

Please forgive me if I've missed anything posted here but several hours of searching everywhere have left me empty. I am looking for the North Creek manuals and any other documentation that George furnished with his Rhythm kits:
"Cabinet Handbook"
"Wiring Guide"
"Crossover Cabinet"
I am just now getting back into my hobby after a 30 year hiatus due to life happening and have a wonderful opportunity to acquire a pair of these from the second owner. Unfortunately the builder is deceased and I'm not sure if George is still available so I'm seeking any insight.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Hi Rivahmon,

I did some digging and was able to find some of what you were looking for, but not the manual itself. With apologies for the lackluster scan quality, the cabinet handbook and wiring guides are attached. I'll have one more look around this weekend to see if I may still have the Rhythm manual, but I suspect it may sadly be gone.


  • Cabinet Handbook.pdf
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  • Wiring Guide.pdf
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