North Creek Borealis with silver wiring

I am selling a Unassembled Borealis Unlimited Project Kit made by North Creek Music Systems (famous for their after market B&W 801 crossover). The kit has not even been opened. I purchased the kit back in October of last year and have not had time to build it. I am losing my dedicated audio room because my wife and I are adopting another child.

I had North Creek wire all of the crossover components with Pure Silver Sound's pure silver Octet speaker cable ( I purchased at an extra $500)

I also upgraded to the SCAN-SPEAK D2905/9900 Revelator tweeter $ 399.00 per pair, and paid for the "perfect pairs" matching

For perfect pair matching, tweeters are broken in with 24 hours of pink noise, while woofers receive this along with 24 hours of a 25 Hz 1/3 octave warble tone. Perfect pairs are matched to within ± 0.5dB and provided with anechoic 2pi frequency response and free air impedance curves.

These Revelator tweeters are considered by many to be the best tweeter in the world and are seen in many $10,000 plus speakers (ProAc uses many Scan-Speak drivers) I also paid to have the woofers matched in a perfect pair. Many builder's believe these sound better than the ProAc 2.5's (the drivers are the same as or better than the Scan-Speaks used by ProAc and the Crossover is infinitely better).

My kit includes a pair of Cherry veneer cabinets cut for the Revelator tweeters and where made by Lee Taylor, a craftsman who manufactures cabinets for some of the most exclusive loudspeaker companies in the world. They are a light natural cherry, not the red kind, made from a veneer Lee found at a piano factory that was going out of business. [email protected] Lee is the official maker of cabinets for North Creek Music.

The picture is an example of one of Lee's Borealis cabinets.

My total cost was
Kit $1,335.46
Cabinets $ 718.00
Silver Wire $ 500.00
Total $2,553.46

I am selling everything for $1,700 plus shipping (Between $50 and $100 depending on distance) I take paypal or Money orders, no COD

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