noob with floor to ceiling questions.

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please be easy on me.

as i age i find my self spending more time watching the tv so i have decided to build a home theater. and i ended up here i have seen several really nice setups on here. any way after searching and looking and i settled on using 8 or 9 (perspeaker) grs 8fr-8's paired with tweeters in corner units. the drivers where selected because of their range, air volume required and price GRS 8FR-8 Full-Range 8" Speaker Pioneer Type B20FU20-51FW

a few questions.

1. my room is 11x23 with 8' ceilings the speakers will be in the corners on a short wall will having 16/18 8" drivers in such a small room be just too much?(i'm thinking that's what the volume knob is for)

2 involves the wiring if i do 9 woofers/tweeters i can use a premade crossover the highest premade (im being lazy dont want to build one) is 5000hz but i have seen on here where all i really need to do is run a cap in series with my tweeters. if i do that do i need to drop down to 8 woofers and 8 tweeters then wire each of those to 16ohm then run those in parallel to get 8ohms. im just not real sure how the cap effects the resistance. it seems to me the amp would see 16ohms at lower frequencies and 8 at higher. my current recievere can handle that so 6 to 16 ohms so thats not a issue now but i do plan on upgrading that at some point.

3. do i just need to go away and leave yall alone?

Thanks Tim


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Hi Tim,

Welcome! You came to the right place.

An 8" driver won't work very well in the high frequencies as a line array. An ideal line array has the smallest diameter driver as the radiating element. I built a corner to floor line array using 3.5" Vifa TC9 drivers. It works pretty well. There is still a problem with the high frequencies, but it doesn't present itself until nearly the top end of the frequencies we can hear. You can read about it here:

So, basically, you want to start with a small size driver for this to work. Regarding your first question, there is no such thing as too much radiating area ;) Regarding your second question, if you introduce a second driver in the array and do a crossover, it will vastly complicate the system. Sounds like you are beginning your journey in audio. Crossovers can be hard to understand initially. So, I would recommend not going to two drivers. Use a small single driver like the Vifa TC9. There are many choices out there, but the Vifa hits the sweet spot in terms of performance and cost. If you do some more searching on this forum, you will find other line array threads using this driver.

Beware also that line arrays need equalization. And in most cases, will need complex equalization to sound best. They have numerous advantages, but they do need some work before you can start listening.
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