noob update

I have been reading the tutorial, and other educational stuff I have found on online. Also looking at the hieroglyphic looking schematics of the two broken amps i have. Its overwhelming at first, but Its starting to make a little more sense now.

Big tools so far are: I have a wes51, used. (pawn shop) 28 dollars. I got a fluke 112, for 55 dollars (ebay). I got a line on a scope, and he wants a 100 bucks. He's an old guy, and he used to be a electrical engineer. He likes me, and I am thinking It should be a good deal, hopefully.

My wife doesnt know it yet, but the nice little bench spot on the porch is getting moved inside before the rainy season hits. I have some dryer vent, and a 4inch exhaust fan from a friends house.