Noob Questions on IAN CANADA FiFio Pi, Station Pi Pro

Hi All,

Hi recently got Ian Canada's Station Pi Pro, new clock chips and a couple of LinearPi MKII's for some upgrades to an existing system

I had a FIFOPI Q2 Ultimate - seems that this is not supported by the Station Pi Pro?

That being the case - I may need to order the Q7 to finish that project?

So I was looking to repurpose the FIFOPI Q2 to an older Pi solution with an IQaudio Dac+ using Volumio ( separate 5v power supply for the FiFOPI)
from what I understand this DAC only works in slave mode - so should be good with a FIFO solution I can't playback any 24bit audio - no audio output, DSD doesn't work either ( but not sure it ever did on the IQaudio ), 16 bit, 32 bit seem fine - various formats

Can anyone help ?