Noob here from Sunnyvale, CA (Silicon Valley)


2014-07-16 1:39 am
Hi there!
Long time lurker and need to say hello and find some other people to chat with about things my wife will no longer listen to me go on about! (Hahaha).
Long time "audiophile" (whatever that is...) and I have always enjoyed small projects if I think I can do something myself, learn, have fun and save a few bucks. Most has been limited to tweaks, cabling, etc. No real builds yet accept one 10" sealed subwoofer project. However, just last month I entered the bizarre world of Op Amp rolling in my DAC. I thought it would just fill my need to mess with things, however I was shocked at the results I was able to hear.
I was able to get LOTs of great info from the forums here that led me to:
1. have the confidence that I knew what I was doing
2. guidance in picking ICs

Anyway, glad to be here!