Noob building a AK449X Dac

Hi All,
My first DAC project, please be nice.

Setting up a Raspberry Pi headphone setup

Raspberry Pi > Digi + > DAC > AMB a20 Headphone Amp

Looked into using I2S and was getting overwhelmed with slave and external clock. Thinking of either single or dual WM8741 or AK4495SEQ

NEW AK4495+AK4118 DAC Decode LM49860 High quality assembled board for weiliang

NEW Assembled dual WM8741 AK4118 chip 192K DAC AUDIO decoder w LCD display

Assembled AK4495SEQ +AK4118 + NE5534 Double Parallel Soft Control Board DOP DSD

If I am following seems pretty straightforward coaxial input with two (2) toroidal transformers; one (1) 110v AC 15v out and one (1) 110v AC 9v out

Feedback ? I am more tempted by the dual AK4495 by Weiliang seems to have a good reputation. Recommendations?

Thank you!