Non-audio DAC chips in audio DAC

Reading claims about superior sound quality of NOS multibit DACs, and looking at the specs of audio and non-audio DACs I wonder does anyone tried to develop DAC using modern non-audio DACs chips with noise shaping?

One of the things I've noticed that there is no fast enough non-audio DAC chips with resolution higher then 16-18 bits. At least no TI and AD ones. That makes me wonder about degree of marketing B/S in audio DACs' 24bit specs.
non-audio (i.e. Industrial Measurement) rarely has need for such a wide dynamic range that audio has, so often even 12-bit DAC / ADC is more than adequate for measurement systems. If you want to look more closely at a particular signal, then you would use a prescaler (amplifier) before the ADC, or after the DAC to get the desired signal strength. This is like many Oscilloscope, or Spectrum Analysers.

Although, having said that, many of the DAC duties in non-audio equipment are done by PWM and integrated by a simple filter. Or for high precision signal generators, are analog or PLL oscillators.

Audio applications, it seems, are quite unique in their requirement for medium speed (Audio frequency), high precision converters. RF is faster, but lower resolution, while varying DC signals are slower, but also lower resolution ~ 40dB max dynamic range for 12-bit.