Noise from new caps in signal path, please help!


2010-08-10 3:52 am
Today i got the caps for my whole amp (recapping the whole Pioneer SA-7300).

I started with the two power caps 10,000uF, and everything went smooth, and sound check is great.

After the power caps i moved on to four caps in the signal path
(all are(were) 2.2uF 25v Tantalum cap).

I replaced these four with Mundorf MKP Metal Polypropylene (They
are ofcourse Non Polarized).

Did the sound check and now i get an irritating uneven buzz and hiss
and some weird changing noises.

I tested a few songs anyway and when the volume is up i can't hear
the noise much and there is a great improvement in sound exce[t for the

I noticed that if i put my finger close to one of the four caps, it increases
one of the noises being created from the new caps. Does that mean
anything? or it's just a static thing?

Please help!