nobsound mo-gu drok f900 dual tpa3110 amp

Cheap and good sounding amp.
I couldn't find any pictures of the inside on the internet.
My second order came in damaged, so i could take some pictures of the printed circuit.


I just got this amp and opened it up, here are some pics. It's easy enough to open up, but you'll probably damage the sticker on the front (the one on the power switch side).

I'll probably swap out the two big capacitors, but what I'd *really* love to do is disable that heinous jingle when the unit first powers on. I can't imagine anyone thinking that was a good idea.

Another nice mod would be to add a bluetooth "connect" button. it's all fine when using it with a single device, but if you're using it with 8 devices and left one connected, it can be a task to figure out which one is connected. I don't imagine anyone knows of a way to add a bluetooth "connect" button to this amp?