No sense of imitation GOLDMUND

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Imitation of the imitation that day is really depressing, since spent hundreds of thousands of TAH ocean Comrade purchase Audioprecision system two years, Humou people to walk in smiling

We look at the official published information goldmound it:

These figures are valid for any level between 0 and nominal power.

+ / - 1 dB, 6 Hz - 0.4 MHz.
+ / - 3 dB, 3 Hz - 1 MHz.

Nominal level: 1.4 V.
Input impedance: 50 k.
Propagation delay <100 ns stable with frequency from DC to 200 kHz.
Figures valid for all levels from 0 to 40 V / 8 Ohms.

Dynamic: TID <0.01% (- 80 dB).
Static: THD + N <0.01% (- 100 dB).

Slew rate:> 240 V / m s.
Rise time: <400 ns.

N Humou people look so years ago, the measured data sample machine:

Just look at the data that can spike the text of the original high (do not come to those who counterfeit blending a).

Some may question, the real audition will happen? Unfortunately, indicators of high-paper did not dare to let out the spectrum, or to see the first figure to know; Do not worry, to the real audition, when the opponents blind listening very likely will die faster, TAM is the use of such comrades numerous blind listening comparison Dayton won a free dinner


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Well, you know cloning an amp 100% identically is not possible.

PCB layout and wiring/grounding is a big issue that might hold back best performance. Though I guess you will be close.

In my little KSA-50 clone I used modern high speed transistors and had to redo frequency compensation that in the end worked so much better than the original one (that was simple Miller with huge cap).

Is the sound going to be identical? Dunno, I hope it's even better ;)
Hi Bonsai,

well, it was just a guess ;)

From what I saw there was recently an attempt to clone a Goldmund amp and, of course, if you put a clone on the bench one generally gets different numbers compared to 'official' ones.

Might be technical issues, different measurement setup or simply marketing ;)

EDIT: I just looked at the plots, the usual dynamic range and THD vs. input level/vs. frequency stuff. Not sufficient to say anything about frequency response or slew rate.
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