No power / repeated blown fuse in Sony STR-D915

Hi all,

I'm new to diyaudio. I build, collect and repair arcade machines and generally like building/repairing just about everything, but I have no specialties in audio equipment.

Recently I've been given a Sony STR-D915 audio/video control center for a jukebox project, which has no power (it has a blown fuse).

The guy who gave it to me said that he opened it up and could see a burned fuse... so he took the fuse in, got a replacement, put it in and it burned out immediately.

I'm a little unsure whether he might have just been given the wrong fuse, or whether the transformer is faulty or something else... all guess work without better resources.

I'd love some help to diagnose this little problem but I'm not even sure which section it goes in (I'm audio-ignorant, you might say :)

So here I am to introduce myself and learn my way around :)

Thanks everyone,
- Dale