No parameter in Klang and Ton tests

This may be a really dumb question, but I haven't been able to figure out the answer in a while: in the chassis tests of the German magazine Klang und Ton, there is a measured parameter No, typical values being between 0.2 and 3%. What is this parameter? What is the practical meaning?

Hi all

I just had a look into "Klang und Ton" # 3 2002.

The value under duscussion is definitely the efficiency !!!! (It correlates well with the SPL/Watt figures).

The k2 and k3 measurements vs frequency are presented as graphics for two different SPLs (height depending on driver types tested) which is the only sensible distortion representation for raw drivers, since it is HEAVILY dependant upon frequency.




2001-10-18 12:22 pm
No! No! No!

Charles, Arne,
i hold in hands the new K&T 06/2002 issue,
where you can see an Coax Speaker Page 12
having an SPL/W of ca 81dB and on the next page
these graphs with K2/3 and the other curve
ranging from ca 2,1 to 2,25.
On the other hand you will find at page 62
a driver from Focal with 90 dB SPL/w
showing a range from ca 2,0 to 2,2.
As you can see,this graph shows you only the
input level of the measuring system.
(Adjusted for max. resolution)
Hi Andreas

I will have to have a look at this issue (06/2002), which I have bought but wich I don't have with me at the moment.

But within the issuses I have on hand they present the following:

Two graphs for k2 and k3, each measured as a distortion vs frequency with constant input power and referenced to a given SPL in the "flat part" of the driver's operating range. The reference SPLs depend on the driver types measured (e.g. 90 dB and 105 dB for P.A. drivers, 80 dB and 90 dB for HiFi drivers).

The answer to Erics original question is: The No parameter listed is the driver's efficiency, is he driver's efficiency, is the driver's efficiency. Period