• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

No more blue glow in Australia

I am writing this for the benefit of any Australians using this forum. It is now illegal to own sell mercury vapour tubes including 866 and 83 rectifier tubes in Australia. Included is a picture of a tube I handed in today, 17 tubes were sent to Northern Adelaide Waste Management, many of the tubes were brand new. Also included is a notice from a radio club magazine.
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mercury b.png
Don't give up, get your amplifier glowing (and no more AM and Shortwave interference)

Want your amplifier to have a pretty purple/blue glow?
Use an OD3 150V gas regulator tube.
Can't figure out a circuit to use it in?
Just use a power resistor from B+ to the OD3, and it will glow real pretty.
I did that once, just for looks.
There is no prettier pilot light to tell you the amp is on.

And the OD3 is a Shoulder tube, nice;
the OD3A only has straight sided glass.

Have fun!
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exactly sounds pretty dumb all together
any argon tube for that matter.
what ill get a 10 grand fine for fluorescent lightbulbs
already in the House. No thanks my guns loaded. Ill keep my tubes.
make sure all the temperature controls are ripped out. no heating allowed either LOL
Some Legislatures fulfill one of Albert Einstein's Quote:
"There are limits to Genius, but no limits to Stupidity"
I will leave it up to you to decide which of those two your local legislator is, Genius or Stupid.

The US Law says that if you break a CFC lamp onto your carpet, you must:
1. Open up all the windows and exit the room.
2. Wait 15 minutes before going back in.
3. Call the Local Hazardous Material Removal Group, to have them come to you.
4. When the Group gets there, they are to remove a 3 foot by 3 foot section of your carpet, where the broken CFC is.

Can anybody tell me how to get in touch with the Local Hazardous Material Removal Group.
Oh, no such Group in your area . . . there is not one in my area either.
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Some people stop at red lights ... even at two o'clock in the morning. I'm one of them. I don't feel that my life is lacking as result.

Yes, but this, this isn't any more life threatening that any other lamp out there (high voltage ones). Red light is red light, it's a rule/law that directly influences if you live or die. I stop at red light at 2 am as well, but hell i don't follow rules that make no absolute sense what so ever. I don't follow lead free soldering also, biggest lie in the history of electronics.
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I wish people would read the actual cleanup instructions before commenting and no it's not part of any law. https://www.epa.gov/mercury/cleaning-broken-cfl
Most of it makes a lot of sense like don't vacuum up mercury. But mercury is a neurotoxin and children are especially susceptible.
We grew up with mercury thermometers that we put below our armpits to measure temperature. And generations before us. Many were broken in the time span. Ingesting it is bad, and i don't see anyone bathing in or sauna him/herself in mercury fumes. Ok, yes, there are many among human species that would ingest it, and they are the same as the ones ingesting tide pods, what i call nature selection, but i don't see them baning tide pods and the like. Literally the same bollocks to why lead solder is forbidden.
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I am sorry, until now I did not read the document you referenced.

It taught me a lesson I never learned in Chemistry and Physics:
Quoting from the link you referenced:
"Carefully scoop up glass fragments and powder using stiff paper or cardboard and place debris and paper/cardboard in a glass jar with a metal lid. If a glass jar is not available, use a sealable plastic bag. (NOTE: Since a plastic bag will not prevent the mercury vapor from escaping, remove the plastic bag(s) from the home after cleanup)"

Whoever wrote the above statement must be a college graduate, just like the "journalists" of today.

In all my classes dealing with Mercury, I never heard of, and never saw Mercury in a powder form.
I do remember the powder substance that lines the CFC bulb, and other Fluorescent bulbs, it is Phosphor Coating.

I believe most glass devices that contain Mercury start with Liquid Metal Mercury, and that it only becomes Mercury Vapor when it heats up.
If you hit a Hot fluorescent bulbs, or a Hot CFC, or Hot 866 and break the glass . . . that is when the Mercury Vapor escapes.
Any Mercury Vapor that is present, will not likely go down onto the rug. But there will be the glass and Phosphor on the rug.

I could be wrong; but I do not have any Mercury Vapor Rectifiers, CFC, fluorescent light bulbs, Mercury thermometers, Mercury Batteries, or other similar Mercury devices in my home.

Oh, correction: I did forget the Tuna in cans, there is Mercury there, in just about the same proportions as is in the Tuna Cadaver from the 1800s in the Smithsonian Museum.
Sometimes I feel Mad as a Hatter (those who used Mercury to process Beaver Pelts into Hats).
I think that pretty much "Caps" it off.
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