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Inexpensive Nixies

if you want to buy some cheap nixies, consider the HP5326 digital counter. I believe it uses 8 nixies, and it's a damn good counter to boot. (I had one with the built in DVM, it was just as acurate as my 5334a) With a little CMOS circuitry (this would be really easy with a PIC MCU) you could have the counter "count 24 hours in seconds and reset at the top of the clock, even have it synch to WWV.

no, i haven't yet, no time. My buddy vinylsavor has built one.
But if i see the prices on the link, i wish i had when they were still affordable.
In the meantime i have found a website offering a radio-controlled nixie clock design for time and calendar fort the European clock radio signal (transimtted in Germany by the PTB). I think i will follow this path. I know htat such kists exist for the American signal, too. I t depends on the µC reading the code and on the tuned receiver circuit.

I thought, with all those mechanical clocks around me, a digital clock atleast have to have radio control.

My Nixie links:[url][/url]

Have fun with them!
I found an old HP something or other with 5 top view nixie's. The parts for the clock are arriving on Monday. If you pull the nixies out of something you get the bonus of a transformer that was actually intended for the nixie's voltage.

Interesting side note: For some reason or another my nixie tubes have some sort of optical isolation from the rest of the unit. I had no idea that such a thing existed back in '62. Any guesses as to why? If anyone is interested I'll post a pic of the isolation part of the circuit.

Building nixie clock now using Russian IN-12s and GE 3N83 SCS.


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