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For Sale Nine Edcor PC600-15K step up transformers, soldered to PCBs, Free! You pay $17 postage

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While I was developing some front end cards for the Lottery VFET amp and the (backwards compatible to Lottery VFET) Ship Of Theseus amp, I built several PCBs that were unsuccessful. Nine of these include Edcor stepup transformers which worked just fine. I'd like to get rid of the PCBs, all at once, for free. You get all nine of the PCBs, each PCB has an Edcor transformer soldered to it. You only pay the USD 17.10 charge for a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box within the United States. Feel free to check their website and verify the amount.

Please reply before Saturday, 23 Sept, 1AM California time. This is NOT first come, first served; everything received before the deadline has an equal chance.

If more than one member wants the nine boards-with-Edcors, I'll pick the person who asks the fewest questions and requests the fewest special favors. If there are more than one equally appealing buyers I'll resort to coin flipping.



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