NIMH Battery Charger Question

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I just bought a NIMH battery and smart charger for my build. Unfortunately, there are no instructions and I can't get a solid answer from the manufacturer. I must get this correct, so I don't trash anything and waste a bunch of money.

I am trying to figure out how to connect the battery and charger together through an XLR, which requires a bit of modification. The real issue is what to do with the sensor wires--there are two small wires (red and black) coming from battery and one coming from charger. Looking at the original layout, the small red wire from battery connected to the yellow wire from charger... then the small black battery wire strangely circled back to the XLR connector. I've attached pictures and some drawings. I am removing all tamiyas and making all connections through XLR. But I don't know what to do with both sensor wires. Do I just connect battery red to charger sensor yellow and leave battery black detached? Do I connect both battery red and black to charger's yellow sensor wire (as illustrated in last drawing)? Am I suppose to do something else with the black? Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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I've got more information and more confusion.

The small black and red wires on battery pack are thermistor sensor wires, which I assumed. But I can't just connect both of the battery's sensor wires to the single charger sensor wire. They corrected my drawing and added another wire coming out of charger... there are 4 wires on battery and 3 wires on charger. Something is amiss.

I'm starting to suspect that I should connect thermistor negative to charger negative.


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