Niles SI-245 Weird Audio Sense Issue


2006-11-24 12:42 am
Every once in a while, I will come across audio tracks, that this amp will just not "sense".

For whatever reason, those audio tracks, be it a YouTube video, song on the radio, or even the audio from certain games... doesn't matter how loud it is, the amp just times out and turns off.

Using it with my HTPC, having selected content paused on separate tabs, without any appreciable difference in source volume (while viewing VU on source device) - I can turn the amp back on, just by unpausing the sense-able media, even when it is set to the lowest perceptible level below that the of the content that times out the Audio Sense circuitry.

Sometimes I can get the problem track to trigger, but only by turning the source volume to max, or some random unknown frequency within the track is "sensed" by the amp. At no point do I ever adjust the controls on the amp. They are set to max sensitivity with master output dialed down a bit, to make it more sensitive to quieter source material, give more adjustment range at the source device, while not including the neighbors or the rest of my house in the currently selected program.

The most prominent offenders are clips from TV shows or movies uploaded to YouTube, with the occasional music video for good measure. The same video uploaded by another user might play just fine, but once a suspect track is identified, I can come back 2 years later and this amp still won't trigger on that specific source of audio content.

One suspicion I have, is that the content is mono, uploaded in stereo, with one of the tracks out of phase with the other... but I haven't tested this hypothesis yet.

Well... just tested it, turning the balance left or right the slightest bit, triggers the amp.. lol
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