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"What if we just threw drivers into a box at random?"


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Yes. There is a trend to put speakers on facets aimed at creating reflections, yet doubling them up can reduce their dispersion. Plus, why two tweeters per face and two mids. Isn't there a changing need with frequency, or was this to make things look symmetrical? I'm uncertain. Could there be something hidden in the crossover?
-looks a little like it's trying to control horizontal radiation with combing (..basically a 5-way design).

..the close proximity drivers to widen the top of their output and the far driver pairs to narrow the radiation at the bottom of their output.
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"What if we just threw drivers into a box at random?"
Its either going to work well or it isn't.
If you get lucky and throw it in a box with favorable boundaries and alter the port (providing its a BR not sealed).

A better one is what would happen if you wired the N/P wires on a 15" sub to a live AC thats packing 120 volts?

I already know the answer. Dont try this at home btw. Don't stand or put anything in front of it if you decide to.
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