Nichicon VX Same as Nippon Chemi Con VX?


I'm just getting started on my first mod project--my EAR 834P phono--and trying to follow Thorsten Loesch's recommendations, posted in numerous places. He states at one point: "Change over C8 and C9 to larger value, "known good" sounding electrolytics, I'd be tempted to specify at least 100uF/385V Nippon Chemi Con (radial leads) VX series..."

I cannot find Nippon Chemi Con VX electrolytics in this value except on eBay on a bulk order for 50 of them!

Item #180184076899

However, I have located Nichicon VX Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors from Angela Instruments, who will let me order only what I need (2).

Are these the same thing? I ask as Japanese often abbreviate/acronym in just this way--Nippon Chemi Con MIGHT becomed NiChiCon, for example.

Any DIYers out there know for sure? Sorry for this rookie question.


I'm no expert, but I pulled up each website and they appear to be two different companies.

I just stumbled on this thread from another search, but for caps you might want to check Michael Percy Audio and Apex Jr.. The latter is more of a dealer of surplus, but he has some GREAT prices on some things. Plus, he is a fellow member!