Nichicon ES Bipolar cap location in the amplifier?

Planning to use the Nichicon ES Bipolar cap in the circuit so any recommendations where to use this unique cap? Im thinking to use it at the input which is connected to the ground I mean not the DC coupling cap but the cap which connects to the feedback loop mostly 220uf/25V or so is observed but many suggest to get higher value. some say that using higher cap value at this place will give firm bass.
Unless I am missing something, I think you have put the cart before the horse. In general we don;t start with a part and wonder where to use it, we usually start with a circuit and then wonder what part is best suited to each position in that circuit.

I agree that Bipolars specifically used at very few places so is that one place where one can use them.

Lets consider this circuit I think C7 capacitor but how much Capacitance and Voltage is considered best.


2015-11-05 3:40 am
The schematic you linked is Quasi's NMOS amplifier, a tried and tested design. The 1k feedback ground resistor in series with the original 100u yields ~1.6 Hz Fc. This is already sufficient not to influence the frequency response.

A rule of thumb when using electrolytic coupling capacitors is to set the turnover point one to two decades below the audible frequency range (20Hz) to eliminate capacitor distortion. The original values satisfy that criterion. You could opt for a bigger cap but I doubt you'll hear much difference if any.

Some of the quasi designs I've played with (never this one) have what I might call a slightly "bloated" bass (possibly caused by higher levels of second order harmonics?). If you want "firmer" bass maybe try something with a full complementary output stage.