Nice new Folk-Rock group from Canada

You're messing with my mind & otherwise making me homesick. I guess that makes sense - if you're from "MN", and "Go Long" is from Ottawa, we're culturally and sociologically from the same "nation", even though I'm an expat here in the South.

The barn being demolished in the video on the group's web page could be a stand-in for the barn on my father-in-law's farm in lower Michigan. The truss work - hay loft - dairy stanchions - hand-hewn timbers - etc. I don't think they know for sure, but the original construction is around 1890. As best I can tell the basic structure is sound though it needs some alignment due to settling, and a thorough siding and roof replacement. It has a lot of sentimental value to my wife and the other 4 kids (hey, it's where her Dad gave me permission to propose to her) but nobody has the money to do the repairs. My 90-yr old father-in-law keeps saying he hopes to pass on before the barn has to be torn down, and I agree it would probably kill him to see it go. His parents got the farm over a century ago, and the barn has always been there, essentially unaltered, all that time. I wish I could design or build something with a service lifetime half as long!

No offense to "Go Long", but now I gotta go look up the Stan Rogers playlist on YouTube. I guess nobody names their barns but I need to hear "Mary Ellen Carter", "45 Years", "Night Guard" and a few other lyrics about what gets cast aside.