Nice little tweak, honest.


2002-10-14 8:38 am
Heres something you might like to try.
Many audiophiles go to all the trouble and expense of buying mega monster power cables, when there is a weeker link in the power chain they are not sorting , which actually IMHO makes a bigger difference.
That is the IEC socket connection into your equipment.If you wiggle your IEC connector in its socket you will find it is loose and probably has plenty of free play in it.If you have a heavy connector its probably trying to pull it out with its weight.
This causes weak bass and grain:mad:
So what do you do?
You make a little wedge out of a small piece of folded paper.
You jam this under or over the IEC plug and wedge it into the socket so it doesn't move.
I found all my sockets were different sizes and even the tightest ones benifited.Remmember to turn the power off first , and the wedge should only go under or over the plug not between it and the pins on your equipment.
Let me know what you think.:cool: