NHT sw10ii vs Velodyne DPS-12

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Hi all,

I currently own an all NHT system, SB-3's up front and an sw10ii. I may be able to acquire a Velodyne DPS-12 for a very reasonable price ($220 shipped). I wanted to know if anyone here had any experience with these subwoofers and advise me which is best for my application. My priorities are with music, but I also love movies, and definitely would like it to be capable of producing the low end oft found in action flicks. My room size right now is about 3,000 cubic feet. Thanks.
I have no experience with this sub, but Velodyne are very well regarded, and make some of the best commercial subs out there. They usually seem to be good value and at that price, it's difficult to build a decent sub. To offer a sub at that price, they have to compromise and the driver is probably the weak link. The amp has a reasonable amount of power. The box size is another compromise. A 12" driver in a ~60L vented box - is probably a bit small to get down low with decent output with a 200w amp. Also there is no rumble filter, so below tuning, heavy bass LFE will make the driver move like crazy. This reduces the dynamic range and useable output.

If you wanted to make a DIY sub, you would probably spend a bit more, it would be bigger, but could perform a LOT better.

If you really want to just buy a sub, then it looks like a fairly good choice. But in that case, if I were you I would decide on the basis of auditioning all that you can find. One of the biggest advantages of buying from a store is that you get to hear it before spending anything.
Hi Paul,

Thanks for replying. I just wanted to make sure you knew that the sub retails for $699, and that I am receiving an employee discount that would bring it down to the $218 price point. But, of course price is not everything, and it looks like you did a little research. I was also concerned with only 200W RMS. I discovered my store has it in stock, so next time I work I will have to get them to hook it up and audition.

I would love to build a DIY sub, and I realize I came into a DIY forum asking for advice on a commerical sub. The problem is that I don't have enough tools right now. I suppose I can be patient and wait until September when I'll be moving and will have access to the necessary tools. It's just difficult to pass up 70% off retail. I just found out I can acquire the Infinity SW12 (12", ~60liter,500W) for $330. Anyway, I probably should wait, and finally commit to a DIY project. Thanks.
For $200 buy it! You can always sell it later on when you're ready to build. Since it retails for ~$700 you'll probably get your money back at a minimum.

As you may know, there are a number of sub kits available that require little in the way of tools. Heck, I saw one that needs only glue, clamps and a screwdriver => instant high performance sub!

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