NHT SA-2 vs. plate amp

I've got the opportunity to buy an NHT SA-2 and I'd like opinions from anyone that has used or heard one. It will eventually be mated to sub accompanying my not yet completed full rangers. I don't think power will be an issue. I like the 35-150 hz low pass range, the 100 hz speaker level high pass, the adjustable line level high pass, and it's stand alone nature. On the downside it's $120 price puts it in the midst of some passable looking plate amps, and it is used. Any thoughts?



specs at:

The NHT SA-1. SA-2, SA-3 were plate amps repackaged. Build quality was on a par with the better plate amps.... ie nothing special quality wise. Circuit was, as a rule reliable, albeit perhaps complicated.

They would usually run into 2 ohms or less with no problem thanks to an opto-coupled current limit device. Ran pretty efficient, once ran an SA-3 into 1 ohm non inductive load until it clipped with 60 Hz input signal.

The SA-3 under these conditions drew about 10 watts more from the wall than it actually produced.

My reason for bookmarking is I'm investigating a problem my NHT sub amp encountered so I may be back with a few questions.

I had been using an NHT amp with a small box peerless 10" sealed subwoofer and totem mites for the satellites on desktop and was happy with its performance.