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NewForm R645 Ribbons w/ Scan-Speak active 2-way kit $2,000.


2016-02-12 9:17 pm
Kit includes pair of NewForm R45 ribbons, 4 Scan-Speak 18W/8545 7” mid-woofers, and a Behringer DCX-2496 electronic crossover. You add a pair of Parts Express MTM-1.0 gloss black cabinets and 4x100w amplification and you'll have a $7,000 proven and tuned audiophile system (R645) for about a third the price. DCX settings are included along with drawings for NewForm spec woofer boxes if you don't want to use the Parts Express boxes. You pay 120lbs+ shipping from Cary, NC or I'll consider meeting somewhere within 100 miles or so. I used the ribbons in a large line array with 16 3" Auras and 4 15" woofers and computer crossover, big and tricky to tune but fun. Woofers probably have <30 minutes on them as I bought them for another project that I never got off the ground. Can sell individually if you don't want to follow the NewForm design. ralphjames at bellsouth dot net to email chat or for pics.
Dayton Audio MTM-1.0BK 1.0 cu. ft. MTM Speaker Cabinet Gloss Black
Behringer DCX2496 Ultradrive Pro Digital 24-Bit/96 kHz Loudspeaker Management System & Crossover

Since I received no viable offers I built the system as described myself with the Parts Express cabinets, DCX, NewForms and Scan-Speaks. Its sounds great and is now my primary system. Parts Express has the DCX for under $300 I believe. But if you're into crossovers and depending on your level of experimenter interest you could also consider phase correcting crossover software with a multi-channel computer interface instead of the DCX. This would also require a semi-dedicated computer but would offer far more programming options. You'd also need a good mic and MLS impulse system to create the amplitude and phase curves for each driver to load into the crossover so it can compute curves. But all in all this would be a far more flexible option than buying a DCX and only cost a little more. The DCX is best as a canned solution for embedded/dedicated use.