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For Sale NewClassD, clock NeutronStar2, 24.576MHz (Europe ship.)

Things you have for sale.
I sell this NeutronStar2 clock from NewClassD.
Output frequency => 24.576MHz

Perfect item to use on a DAC / streamer etc…
In my case, this NS2 replaced the Crytek on a digital interface Singxer SU-1. Given that I resample all streams to 24/192, this NS2 was perfect.

I powered it using a transformer & a linear PS (MPaudio HPULN).

Honnetly, I never checked its power consumption… but given that the linear reg module ran "cold", it's for sure well below 1A.

I still have the SMPS from NewClassD (15VDC output), if interested just ask.
But I prefered to use a linear PS to get a better SQ.

Please note that the typical voltage of the PS is 15VDC, but it works perfectly down to 12VDC like I did.
If I remember, 12VDC must be considered as the bottom of the PS range (10VDC and below => too low, it did not starts, as far I can remember)

Its dimensions : 14cm long / 4.5cm wide / 2.5cm high
Output connector is SMB (I provide it, see photo) ; or use the pins on the right of the SMB connector (didn't try that)

Price : 100Eur + ship cost (ship to Europe only, tracking ship No)
Payment : PayPal

I'm living in Paris suburb (FR), if you're around we can meet for free shipping :)
Feel free to ask question



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