Newby Needs Help

start easy.

learn to solder - attend class (try the maker faires - free classes), watch yutube
videos, buy iron (thin solder, sucker, braid, etc), and experiment with broken gear
off craigslist or other free local sites.

learn to read schematics. start by analyzing each part, then by power, then by
flow, then by signal.

while you're doing all that, do a search here for douk. ID the same kit you have
and read the several hundred threads over and over again til you get it.

or pay someone to assemble it for you.

do buy/treat/gift your wife something awesome for the awesome person she is.
Hi Robert.

I agree, you should seek some local help. Starting from scratch like this is really more than an online discussion. I used to help guys in my shop when their projects were over their heads. I gave free advice and critiques, and the occasional free part. I liked to support people interested in learning. You may have people of similar outlook where you are.

I have not attended yet, but we have such "maker" places here in my area. Look in yours. Your local "ham radio" clubs might be able to help.

Look at the photos on the ebay page. There are pictures of the kit parts, but the last two photos show the sockets mounted, and the parts installed. That is a pretty good guide to construction. I know that may not be helpful at this point, but you need to have some basic knowledge before trying to apply it.