2013-05-06 12:12 am
Newbie Hello to everyone from Minneasota ( I know don't laugh) looking to learn a bit about car audio repair for personal use at this point. I am a liscensed airline mechanic with a pretty good back ground of electricity or at least enough to get into a good conversation before I half to call time out and start from scratch. Lol I currently own a small restoration shop that I have had at this location for about ten years. I do alot of fiberglass and corvettes mostly late sixths to early seventy a I don't think for any particular reason it's just that's what people restore. I currently have two systems going one in a crew cab chevy with eight alpine amps strategically placed and am working on a 1987 iroc that I want to use this 8.1 amp which brings me to this site the amp was a mono rated at 8000 but did 11000 watts so I'm trying to build or buy something that will get me close or on standby I have two 2500.1 prototype same as sundown or diablo audio now no longer. Let me know if you can steer me in a direction. Ill post pics later of some custom installs I have done thank you
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