Newbie ZBM4 build - wiring looks okay?

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Greets all,

Just finishing up my first build, Zaph's ZBM4's, which are looking great and sound pretty good, too.

A couple nagging questions before I put this project to bed; any major mistakes apparent in my wiring, below?

Specifically, those soldered wires sticking straight up in my crossover (around the caps / resistors), are those okay or am I better off re-wiring so the interconnects don't stick up like that? I'd be concerned primarily with sonic issues, otherwise I'll just apply some electrical tape and not worry about it.

Also; is the large inductor too close to my woofer? When I squeeze everything in the box, they are nearly touching. (Assembly as pictured consists of rotating crossover and front baffle 90 degrees clockwise, shoving the crossover into the bottom of the enclosure where it is wedged in place, and bolting the baffle on.)

Any other glaring problems that are apparent?


Thanks all for any tips or comments,

Sam T
CaptainTripps said:
Considering this is a very budget speaker... He probably did that because an air core inductor with the same DCR would have cost a lot more. No reason not to, even with more expensive projects, Zaph does it...

As I understood Zaph's original instructions, the iron core inductor has a lower DCR and therefore increases bass output over a comparably priced air core with the same inductance.

On another note, I would still appreciate feedback on my wiring job in general. In particular I am a novice when it comes to soldering. Also I don't know if the +/- leads to tweeter/woofer are supposed to be twisted to reduce interference. If anything looks out of whack please give a shout.


Sam T
What gauge did you go with? Was it cheaper than the air core? BTW, I would've chose to cover the joints with heatshrink, and layed out the components neatly on the cardboard. Also, looking at various Xovers, there seems to be this plastic wire termination that would make the wires look cleaner.

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