Newbie with first build OB

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Hello, I've been reading with much interest some of the forum content. I'm not very technical but the reading inspired me to jump in and try building some OB speakers as well as to purchase a Tripath based amp.

I haven't tweaked the amp yet, I'm too green for that but will look to doing something with it in the future. It's a Sure amp with a T2024

I have built my OB's. Nothing scientific was used in the process. I'm using a pair of Beyma 12 AG100 full rangers as my drivers. The baffles are an articulate affair the wings are 10" X 48" and the front baffle is 20" wide and the same 48" height.

Overall the speakers have started to run in quite nicely with about 20 hours on them so far. They are really opening up and there's lots of bass.

The wings are attached to the front baffle with piano hinges and can be moved from full flat to 110 degrees folded toward the back of the front baffle.

They sound very musical and so far so good. The baffle is constructed of high quality 3/4" birch plywood.

I do hear some ringing from the baffle in some passages, otherwise all is great. Any thoughts on rectifying this. I was wondering about gluing some material to the back of the baffles, felt, cork or rubber egg crating. Also wondering if I should isolate them from the floor at all with tiny legs are felts.

It may simply be my design, perhaps the piano hinges are the culprit. I'll play around determine if I can lick this little glitch. Perhaps it's a simple matter of room placement. Moving the wings from about 20 degrees to 90 degrees did have a positive effect as well as the sound (bass) seemed to fill out a little more.

Any comments would be appreciated.

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When installing baffle material as an experiment, loops of shipping tape to make a double sticky device are less permanent than glue. Pro speakers have lots of baffling, and sometimes are covered with it outside. My SP2-XT's have 1/4" wool felt all over the outside. I had to vacuum the cigarette ash off them after I bought them. Odd, but they sound good.
Plastic hinges are available. See this link to a US supplier . Perhaps something similar is available mail order in your country. If you update your profile with your country and possibly state, district, or county, members there can give you tips on suppliers
Experiments are great knowledge builders. Have fun.
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Hello All, at the moment my speakers are directly bolted to the baffle with no material to isolate them from the plywood. Is there value in removing the speakers and placing a high density foam gasket between the speakers and the baffles? I'm also looking at appling 1/4" felt to the back of the speakers, would cork be better?
In addition, I'm also changing the power supply to my tripath amp. It is currently running 12 volts/3.5 amps, but I've just purchased a 12 volt/8.5 amp power supply. Hopefully this will provide some additional support to the amp for peak music demands. Any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated.
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