Newbie Questions (TA9251AH specifically)

So, recently my car stereo was stolen and I'm looking to build a simple, small amplifier so I can hook up my mp3 player and just use that until I can afford a new stereo (or maybe just to use instead, if I like it better). From what I've found, it seems like Toshiba's TA8251AH chip will be the easiest for me to use. I'm only starting my actual EE classes at school, so I'm still lost on a few things. Any help will be appreciated.
1. Will electrolytic caps be well suited for this? Or is there another kind that would work better?
2. This is a dumb question, I'm sure, but will I need high power resistors, or will my 1/2 W ones work in the curcuit surrounding the chip?
3. Heat sinks are still very, very new to me, I found a page kind of explaining it, but I'm still not too sure about them, any help with these is useful.
4. Anyone used this chip for anything? Is it worth even trying? I found a site that is selling them for a sale price of $1.49 each, so I'll probably order some anyway, so even if they suck, it's not that much.

I'm a poor college student, so cost is a big factor, although I'd still like a decent sound out of this amp. Sorry for the long post, again, any help is appreciated. Thanks.