Newbie Question on Cap Upgrades


2002-08-30 4:39 pm
I have been digging through the archives Here and on AA trying to glean a little insight into, not just the actual upgrade procedures, but to gain a working knowlege of the "mechanics" behind the procedures. I came accros a post by Thorsten that I'd like to be certain I understand the "mechanics" at work. The two excerpts and my questions are:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>1) 1uF/50V Siemens stacked Film bypass Cap across the supply line, >directly on top of the Op-Amp to gurantee stability under all >conditions (you can use other brands than Siemens which seems not >sold in the US, important is the physical size and low inductance >which allows the Cap to bridge the supplies with the shortest >possible loop)

Question) Is this to act as a storage cap to supply current to the opamp in a optimum way?

>2) 220uF/25V or larger value Elna Silmic Powersupply decoupling >capacitors close to the chip. Do NOT use Black Gates there under ANY >circumstances, trust me you would not like the resulting sound.

Question) Is this to allow ripple voltage to bypass the opamp and have a path to ground?

Question) If my deductions are right, what is the proper way to actually preform these mods, given that my ops are socketed?

Julien Therrien
[email protected]