Newbie Question: Cheapest route to 2 ohm stable

I'm wondering about how I could drive a 2 ohm impedance without burning out an amp. It seems to me nearly all 2 ohm stable amplifiers are ridiculously expensive, so I am wondering if there is other means. Would it be possible to use a 2:1 transformer for this and use a 4 ohm stable amp? I'm looking for very high wattage (~500W into 2 ohms) and an amp with house AC power supply.


2001-02-04 4:23 am
A friend of mine drives a very difficult 2 ohm load with his Leach.The rails are 63V.His has three pair of MJ15011/12 vs the stock one having two pair of MJ15004/04.Today I would use MJ21193/94 for outputs and the MJE15030/31 for drivers.I can provide heatsink tunnels drilled for a stereo amp if you need them.I also have power supply parts.