Newbie planning 6ch amp build.


2016-06-05 8:58 pm
Hello !

First post here in the Class D forum, actually I think I´ve had an account on diyaudio a couple of years ago when I was into building loudspeakers, but those days are over as I no longer have easy access to tools and space. So over the last few years I´ve been just buying hifi gear. And in the process I´ve gone from a dedicated HT room with 15" subwoofers and THX spec:ed amps to a measly HK SB26 Soundbar and a 49" LED. Not sure how that happend .. life I guess :)

Anyways.. Was growing a bit annoyed with the soundbar, and the fact that I still had my previous 5.0 setup (Tangent Audio bookshelf + center.. "ok" for their price, but no place really to put a full size receiver I remembered that a couple of T-amps might do the trick. After some research it has happend ALOT on the Class D scene ! I was overwhelmed and still am I guess since I´m writing this post.

So to the point. My initial idea was to buy the Mocha DTS / DD Decoder and the Sure 6x100W amplifier board with a simple case and power supply and I´ll probably would have been happy with that. At least that was the case until I stumbled upon a Lexicon DC-2 fully upgraded DTS/AC-3 for $120. Everything working and still sounding amazing hooked up to the only amp I had available at the time(Samson Servo 120 1U). I really love how this processor takes care of the signal. Newer might sound better.. but for $120 it´s a steal.. and most definitively better than a Mocha DTS/DD decoder. Think it was $4000 or so back in the day.

So now I have a $300 budget to build a 6ch amp. What would you suggest ? This is still a budget build so $300 is for amp boards (3 x 2ch ~100-150W?) PSU and Case and connectors. What would you suggest me taking a closer look at?