Newbie needs help


2008-04-12 3:18 pm
Some gave us a used Proxima Ovation 846. We've been able to use it to connect to a dvd player and have not had any success using it with a laptop.

According to the manual, I'm suppose to connect "connect the smaller end of appropriate video cable to the external Monitor connector and connect the larger end of the cable to the projector's panel From Computer connector". What kind of cable do I need? I searched on the interenet and I can't seem to find a DB25 male / HD15 male cable.

Can someone help me please? I need to use if for a Scouting event soon.

Hi mom_22. I wish that I had an answer for you but I'm afraid not. Another forum you might try for help is Those kids are a little bit more into the A/V (Audio - Visual) side of things. Hope this helps :D

You might contact the folks at Parts Express and see if they have anything in the way of cables too.