Newbie needs help finding transistor

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Hello everyone, signed up here hoping to get some info and insight from you DIY masters.

Im not even sure if im posting this in the correct spot, feel free to move to correct location.

I have a Hifonics Titan Txi 7506, and am having a problem with it. Cause by my own stupitity. I took it to my local audio repair shop and they informed me i shorted a channel because i tried plugging in a bass controller that was not specific to my amp. I was anaware that there was different ones. I thought they were the same. He opened up the amp and showed me the defective parts and said it was a transistor.

They were going to charge 75$ to repair. But since i now know whats wrong and the part that needs fixed, i was going to attempt to save a couple bucks. And fix it myself.

My question is where can i buy a new one of these transisitors. And how would i go about replacing it? Would i need a solder gun?


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What transistor is it? (part number on the device itself)

Yes, you will need a solder iron, some wick and a solder sucker, and a few other odds and ends.

For what it's worth, $75 is very reasonable for a repair. Assuming that he pointed to the exact wrong component, and there is nothing else wrong/defective/burnt, you will likely further damage your amp due to your inexperience in soldering.

If the amp uses Surface Mount Devices, you WILL damage your amp. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than teaching yourself how to solder during a SMD repair.

All that said, I'm sure people will be happy to help with good advice and tricks to help you do it, and it's always great to see someone interested in our great hobby!

Post some in-focus, well-lit photos so we can see what's going on with your amp.
I habe experience with solder, but never on a circut board type. He showed me witch transistor it was and also showed me with a multimeter the one that was shorted and showed me what it should be reding via another transistor that ws good on my same amp. Everything else seemed to be good. Mabey i will just pony up the cash and have him fix it correctly. Lol i was going to aytempt to fix it myself if it was a somewhat easy fix.
Unless you're contemplating a repair as a segway into this hobby, I'd suggest handing over the 75 bucks and in return, getting a working amp back.

The output transistor could be one thing but it could also be many other things as well. Take a look at this thread for an idea of what you may encounter if you set down this path. This is for a home amp and not an auto one which is what yours sounds like ....
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.