Newbie needs help DIY loudspeaker

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Hi all,

I am a complete newbie to loudspeakers.

Im trying to build my own cool speakers.

I am more of an artist and I have a good idea how the design will look like but i need help choosing the elements.

I want to make 3way speakers. I want a very balanced realistic natural sound.

Im looking to spend a maximum of 500$ on the elements.

So can you please give me suggestions of a good speaker element configuration including filter? The bass can only be max 10"

I will of course update my project in this thread.

The attached picture is for my inspiration. I will make something even cooler...



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if you want good sound without long experimentation, stick to a design of someone who knows what he does. thats better than learning all for yourself, which can take months or years. then you can mod the enclosure to your taste. depending on the modifications, some alterations of the crossover network will probably be necessary.

for some nice speaker designs look here:
When you use the word "cool" it appears that you want to build something that LOOKS cool. You also want to build something that sounds good - well, making both may prove difficult as form and function may not always be perfectly compatible. You will usually have to trade one for the other. So in my opinion you will have to decide which is more important for you.

If you take an established design by Tony or Troels, or anybody else for that matter, and then make it into a sphere design just so it looks cool I am almost certain it will degrade the sound quality. These designs were intended for the enclosures they were built with - different enclosures will produce different sound, and with spheres, especially in the midrange, that different sound may turn out to be degraded sound.

If you're OK with that, that's fine - just a word of caution.
I am aware of that i may compromise the sound.

But I want a decent sound since i will put a lot of energy on the design of the speakers. I want a better sound that a pair of 100$ walmart speakers.
And I want to avoid a bass dominant speaker.

I still havent found a suitable 3-way kit.

If possible Id like to buy a complete kit including everything but the cabinet.

Are some drivers more sensitive to the cabinet shape than others?

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