Newbie needs advice: Jim Holtz Statements


I am looking to build the Jim Holtz Statements - a daunting task for seasoned veterans and I am a complete newbie (except for 5 woodworking classes 15 years ago at my engineering school).

So I need advice on the following things:

1. What kind of wood working tools will I need to build the cabinets?
I live in a condo and do not have access to a garage or a lot of space.

2. Does anyone know where I can get the MDF panels custom cut (i.e. have someone else cut and ship them to me) and built?

3. Does anyone who is in Atlanta area have a pair of these - and would be kind enough to let me audition them before I start to build :D

4. Are there other comparable DIY floor standing designs of similar audio fidelity?

I tried to search this topic on the forum but did not receive any relevant thread.

Thanks for looking and your replies in advance
Thanks! I was leaning towards this solution - I am more of a electronics guy and am currently building AMB Beta 24 power amplifier that will hopefully go with the Statements.

I tried to do a google for woodworking shop in Atlanta - do you know if there is a good way to find one?

But out of curiosity, say I were to build them myself - what tools would I need?

I am thinking a handsaw, glue, measuring tools and lot of clamps are all I would need to get the basic cabinet done? Or am I oversimplifying?
Where in Atlanta are you? I am in Cumming. I built the Statement Monitors but decided to move to something else and sold the drivers. I still have the unfinished cabinets that I would sell for the cost of the wood .. say $30.

You could build the Monitors and if you like them reuse the parts to build the fullsize Statements later. In a condo, you might find that the Monitors (and maybe a sub) are plenty.