Newbie Needing Project Design Advice


2005-08-22 2:54 am
I've decided to build a system that will play very high quality music form CD's (and will need FM radio reciever capability). I aim to build everything myself. I have an empty apartment, except for my 2 cats, every tool known to man from electronics to fine woodworking. I have the time, the patience, and the inclination. All I need is a good starting point. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Maybe I should build a pre-amp? AMp, the speakers, the tuner?? I listen to AC/DC, Bach, Metallica, Mozart, and Bill Monroe (I also build a few stringed instruments). Someone pretend I'm financing YOUR project.......what would you build and in what sequence....??




2004-10-13 1:33 am
The general guideline for buying a system is to put half your budget into the speakers.

So I'd start by looking at what sort of speakers you want to build, and put at least half your total effort/cash into something superb.

I can't even begin to suggest a speaker 'type' and I'll bet everyone here will suggest something different. You'll just have to go listen to some to see what you like.