Newbie from Boston / NY


I am an engineering student, and musician, with a passion for music, audio etc. which I'm sure mostly all of us all here share.

Recently I have been introduced to the world of Hi-Fi and DIY within Hi-Fi, and am having a lot of fun. My most recent project is modifying the Sonic Impact T-amp / 5066.

Anyhow, I am really interested in learning about modding and DIY CD transports, DACs etc. However, my electronics background is fairly limited (I'm studying Mech E.) and I wanted to know if there are any fellow DIY'ers who would be willing to show me some of their projects so I could get a real look at some of this equipment and get better insight into what I'm getting myself into, further than the internet can provide =]

I am in Boston for the summer, and Rochester, NY during the school year. I can bring over my modded T-amp and some great music in exchange for your time and wisdom.

I hate to be "that guy," but I listen to almost everything. Really, my favorites are a lot of electronic music, including house (deep, funky, disco, soulful etc.), drum 'n bass and a lot of downtempo as well. I enjoy a lot of independent rock music, and a bunch of jazz too. Lastly, I am passionate about beautiful choral music, but I only know a little bit of it, and am looking to expand my horizons there.

I also DJ regularly, playing mostly house music. As far as isntruments go, guitar and piano are my primary musical instruments.

How about you guys?