Newb ? about changeing tweeter


2007-12-30 7:53 pm
Hello, I have on older(out of warrenty ) set of Polk RTi speakers.What I want to do is change out the tweeters for some that are not so harsh sounding.My problem is that I cant find any info as to the specs of the tweeters.I was hopeing to be able to find something that would work with the existing crossover and basically be a drop in replacement,any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jim
I don't know if anyone could help you but I think you are ******* on the wrong tree. I've heard Rti speakers in the store and they are plain terrible. The quality of the cabinets is poor, drivers are cheap plastic with audible distortions and resonances. I can only wander what kind of a crossover is inside.
I hate to do this to you but I don't think it make sense to play around with Rti. If you want the better sound, e-bay it and either start reading literature on “how to build a fantastic speaker with little or no money” and there's plenty info on this forum for good budget sound or save some money and get a good pair of speakers from commercial manufacturer.
Pretty much with R-C above, but you might just try adding a 0.5-1.0 ohm resistor in series with the tweeter to see what happens. Then try a film cap if it's got a nasty electrolytic in front of the tweeter. Then pack behind the tweeter with putty or rope caulk. But you're really just polishing a turd. Go DIY!
Sometimes David Levy has some not totally awful cheap tweeters (in addition to Parts Express and Madisound).