New Yorkville (yes Yorkville) Syngery SA153

By George, I think I've got a scoop here! SA153 got no search results here...

While doing my periodic sniffing-about for Yorkville U15 info, I see that (at least on the web site) Yorkville apparently has finally dropped the U15 line. However, they now have another Danley miscegenation :D called the SA153. Details are sketchy but it claims both Paraline and Synergy features. It is a powered speaker. I didn't research pricing but a few hits show only a bit cheaper than the SH50 (less amps). Would be enlightening to see polars etc. for the new mystery box. Based on the video, the SA153 seems even less suitable for home use than the Matterhorn (er, well yes, but also much of the DSL line...) Glad to see that DSL is licensing their tech, and why not to a company they've done it with before? One curious thing I notice is that this new speaker's use of the tech is quite different from DSL's current designs, at least to my point of view. Maybe DSL doesn't want licensed products to be too close to what the mother ship sells?

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2004-05-27 8:51 pm

It's using a coaxial compression driver and a 15" bass. The paraline plays down to 400 Hz. By various configurations of the box you can direct sound in the directions needed.


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It's still an odd mix of Paraline + Synergy. I'm a bit sentimental for the old Unity U15, probably because that is what I listen to :) Perhaps somebody has already done this, but how about a DIY "Synergy" using a coax compression driver, yes I know, it sort of violates the idea of "use real midranges" but I don't think mounting a 15" that (presumably) is within the 1/4 wavelength goal at 400 Hz, is trivial either. Already I like the idea of a 15" waveguide with 8 15" woofers around it. Realization I shall leave to someone else :D
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