New Workshop Sounds....

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Hi guys I'm new here so please go easy on me.

Trying to sort out some sounds=Mp3 Playback, Radio, etc for my workshop without going the whole hog and buying a big sound system.

The current "system", if you wanna call it that is my cellphone plugged into, via headphone jack, to a portable speaker that has Bluetooth, USB in, MD card etc.
However the speaker doesn't go loud enough or sound all that great.
Cause I like my music quality to sound good AND I like it loud while I'm working I need a better setup than what I have.

I have a Sony Mechless head-unit that hides an iPod inside it with about 5000 mp3's on it, would love to set this up in my workshop.
I also have a couple of old Sony 6X9's and a couple of old 6X9 speaker boxes as well.

Now for power source I have two to choose from and this is where I need your help.
Number 1, Old PC PSU which is rated at like 12V 8AMP?!?!
Not too sure what the amps mean but would this be OK to run my head-unit at a decent volume, or would the PSU cut out as I've heard of this happening when the volume gets cranked.

Number 2, Power Transformer which is rated at 14Volts 3AMPS?!?!?
Again not too sure what the amps mean or why they are lower than a 12V Power Supply.
Another question too is on the binding posts of the transformer it says 12Volts but on top of the box it says 14Volts?!?!
I have heard that transformers are better to run a head unit than a PC power supply

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I also have a few more questions but will wait to see how I get on with my first two.
Cheers in advance, Reuben
Obviously it's an AC/DC adaptor with built-in rectifier+capacitor, and this is the reason why there is 14 V printed on box while the transformer inside is 12V.

Adaptor voltage needs to be measured properly, without load it may go too high.

PC PSUs tipically need a small load on not used outputs also to be able to maintain stable voltage on 12V.

I know nothing about your "Sony Mechless head-unit". It's your homework to provide a link to its specifications.

An additional big buffer capacitor may be required for bass beats. 100.000 uF at least.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.